Jupiter – the new king of the ski service universe.


  • Wintersteiger develops new fully automated and digital servicing system for skis and snowboards
  • Numerous innovations: Precision variable edge geometries, automatic side wall removal, parameter recommendations for structure and edge preparation
  • Other development areas include: Machine digitization, for automatic ski recognition
  • And improvement to proven features such as ceramic disc edge tuning, ski loading systems, and suction-less feed system


Wintersteiger has developed a new fully automated servicing system for skis and snowboards and landed to the market in 2021. With the Jupiter, Wintersteiger has taken a major step forwards in terms of development.

With the Jupiter, Wintersteiger – known for tailor-made automated ski service machines – offers the perfect customized solution for every shop and for every demand to fully cover all requirements. From small, entry-level service systems to maximum capacities with a throughput of over 70 pairs of skis per hour there is a Jupiter configuration to maximize efficiency and revenue. Five different processing modules, three feeding variants, and three application levels are available for different service requirements.

V-Edge for variable edge angles.

The innovative V-Edge technology offers ceramic disc grinding of side and base edges along the entire ski length with precision, variable angles. Optimum edge grip and easy control of the ski are combined in One Technology. This increases the skier’s fun and enhances their safety, meaning perfection for everyone, from leisure skiers to racers. Jupiter-ground skis deliver an entirely new skiing experience. The innovative edge technology is unique.

Trim Cut for side wall removal.

The new Trim Cut processing unit for dressing the side walls is integrated in the first stone module and is automatically activated during the process. This optimally prepares the ski for subsequent edge grinding. Manual cutting or removal of the side wall is no longer necessary.

Digitization for automatic ski recognition.

Thanks to its modern technology, the Jupiter is able to automatically recognize skis and compare them with the data stored in the database. The Jupiter then automatically activates the appropriate or saved edge grinding parameters. The advantage of automatic ski recognition is personalized edge grinding without slow, manual attention required.

Smart and connected.

Also new is the Tune Pilot for perfect structure and edge preparation. Predefined parameters regarding snow conditions and skiing ability are available at the push of a button. The appropriate selections are made and the machine produces optimum results drawing on years of proven, historical data.

A clearly arranged „dashboard“ or evaluation menu is used to monitor the machine, usage, and consumption parameters. All data are stored on the cloud and are available on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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