Robotic vial filling machine RVFM

Key features

  • Capacity up to 6,000 pcs/h
  • Range 2R-100H
  • Minimum downtime
  • Designed for campaign production with containment technology.
  • Vial transport with anthropomorphic vaporized H2O2 compatible STÄUBLI robot.
  • Maximum of 12 open vials involved in filling and stoppering operations at the same time throughout the machine (1 vial (RVFM1), 4 vials (RVFM2), 12 vials (RVFM5).
  • Minimum format parts and electronic adjustment of all parameters for different vial sizes.
  • Peristaltic and volumetric piston pump dosing systems.
  • Handling of single-use disposable system option.
  • 100% in-process control (= IPC) or statistical check weighing system directly under the filling nozzles with feedback to dosing pumps. Net weight filling: no product waste fill up to target value for underfilled vials. No product waste during the product path priming.
  • Nitrogen flushing before and after filling.
  • Capping unit integration on the same monoblock.
  • Zero reject philosophy. Repeated operations for missing stopper detection.
  • Continuous monitoring of the viable and non-viable particles.
  • Compliance with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements.
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