Fully automatic machine equipped with the latest overlap welding technology, dedicated to the production of ABL and PBL laminate tubes at a speed of up to 120 tubes per minute.

More information: https://www.aisa.com/machinery/saesa-120/

Key benefits:

  • Small footprint for an output of 120 tubes/min.
  • Machine with continuous in-line welding quality control
  • Simple and very efficient transfer and tooling
  • Quick change-over
  • Easy to operate

Machine capabilities:

  • Up to 120 tubes/min.
  • Tube Ø19 to 40 mm
  • Side seam welding up to 24 m/min.
  • Body length 50 to 200 mm
  • Tube length with cap up to 228 mm

The SAESA®120 is now equipped with our newest body maker welding system called DBHS. This system offers two main advantages:

  • The PBL only version does not require HF-High Frequency welding system
  • With ABL option installed, the machine switches from ABL to PBL using the same body maker tooling.
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