Installation Tools

For over 60 years, Cherry Installation Tools have been specified and used by aircraft manufacturers and repair facilities throughout the world. Each fastening system is combined with a full range of tools to provide an overall systems approach that ensures optimum compatibility and consistent installation performance. Used worldwide, Cherry tools are CE Certified and manuals are available in multiple languages.

Cherry Installation Tools are manufactured to provide maximum service with minimum care. They are offered in a wide variety of hand, pneumatic and pneumatic/hydraulic versions, with optional accessories to permit their use in difficult and limited access areas. The size and type of fastener being installed dictates the type of tool to be used – see the Tool Catalog for details. All installation tools are manufactured at Cherry’s plant in Santa Ana, CA, USA.

Use Cherry’s Product Expert to select the best tool for installing your fastener.

Cherry’s global sales force provides fastener and tool training at customer locations, training centers, worldwide. Cherry’s customer service department is available to solve problems and answer technical questions from shop floor users, engineers and distributors.

Installation and Adjustment – Right-angle Pulling Heads:

Cherry® Blind Rivets Removal Procedure:

Installation and Adjustment – H84B-568 Pulling Head:

Bleeding Procedure – G704B CherryMAX® Riveter:

Using the Cherry Grip Gage:

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