Twin-Screw Compounder B-TSE-A 20/40

Your advantages

  • Modular measuring extruder unit
  • Six dosing options along the process area
  • Hinged liner for optimum process monitoring and easy cleaning
  • Patented liner removal
  • Screw elements can be combined individually

Maximum flexibility for analysis in the areas of material development and research

The co-rotating Twin Screw Compounder B-TSE-A 20/40, with its low output rates of 0.5 to 10 kg/hour and hinged liner, has been specially designed for research and development applications.

Carry out tests at lab scale with just a small amount of material. Furthermore, the hinged liner offers the ideal opportunity to analyze the screw configuration and the resulting material load.

The solution is used in combination with the MetaStation 8/8E or 16 drives. This configuration is especially recommended as a scalable system.

As the measurement heads are interchangeable, if required you can connect a Single Screw Extruder 19/25 and/or a mixer, such as the Planetary Mixer P 600.

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